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The news, it isn’t…  🙂

“Odd Thomas.”

A book by Dean Koontz, and one I’ve been considering buying for about 5ish years now.  Why did I want to buy it, and why did it take me so long.

Well, Odd Thomas came to my attention when I saw looking for another Koontz novel to read after having enjoyed a couple of his other works (“Tick Tock” and “The Bad Place.”)  But it came to my attention because I happened to see a book on the shelf called “Forever Odd.”

The title intrigued me, and I decided that this was a book that required a serious look at.  So I picked it up and opened up the cover.  It was then that I noticed that this was the second book featuring Odd Thomas.

Now, I don’t like to read things in a mixed up order, tried that once with a Tom Clancy novel called “Executive Orders,” and didn’t like it.  For those in the know, “Executive Orders” starts with recovering after the White House has been destroyed.  Obviously something was missing.  So I decided that reading “Forever Odd” before reading the first Odd Thomas book would be a bad idea.  Unfortunately for me, there was no other Odd Thomas book on the shelf next to “Forever Odd”, nor any other shelf in the vicinity.

So I put Forever Odd back in it’s place and vowed that I would find that first novel in the series and read it first.  The bad news was at that time,I didn’t even know what the first novel was called!  Oh well, I’ll get to it, I thought.

I didn’t get to it very quickly, and promptly forgot about it as I read more Koontz works, and Stephen King, James A. Michener, and a bunch of Star Trek, Star Wars and other novels.

Then one day, I see on the shelf of a bookstore a Koontz novel called “Brother Odd.”  Damn, a third book. I knew it wasn’t the first because it was hardcover and not reduced.  I still hadn’t found “Odd Thomas” and still wasn’t sure that was even the title of the book.  So naturally I looked around the paperback section, found “Forever Odd” but that was it, no other “Odd Thomas” books around.  Once again I distracted myself with other reading materials, Kathy Reichs, Alan Dean Foster and Isaac Asimov)

Now I’m in the store again and I see another book in the paperback section next to “Forever Odd” and “Brother Odd.”  Something calling itself “Odd Thomas.”  Sounds like the lead book in a series, doesn’t it?  And ya know what, it was.  So I picked it up.

4 and a half chapters into it so far, and I’m enjoying what I’m reading.  Seems like this will be a very good book, and keep me busy with the 3 sequels he’s written too (yes, a fourth one is out, “Odd Hours” and I’ll be reading that one eventually too)

In other news…

I’m french Canadian, so it would be wrong of me not to do at least some reading in French.  I have to admit though, I know nothing about french authors, be they Canadian or french from France.  So I rely on my in-laws, who are much better French Canadians than I am.  Recently I finished reading the entire series of “Les Chevaliers d’Émeraude” by Anne Robillard, and picked the first book in the sequel series called “Les Héritiers d’Enkidiev.”  So far the second series promises to be as good as the first, although a couple of chapters seemed a little forced.  But I have no other french book to read, so what do I do, well I was at my sister in law’s the other day and I saw a book that looked rather intersting, and asked if I could borrow it.  She said “Non!”  And I fully understand why.  I”m loath to lend out books as I’m terrified they’ll come back in some horrendous condition.  I’m a collector, I have books from all over and treat them like gold, even the paperbacks!  So we both feel very protective of our books.  After discussing our mutual fear of “book pirates” and how we each treasure our “livres” she agreed to lend it to me.  Of course, only after the testimony of my wife, who knows how careful I am of my and other folks books.

The book is called “Le Premier Jour” by Marc Levy, and it is turning into a good read as well.  I’m not quite as far into it as Koontz novel above, but it’s turned into a must read novel.  It’s found a place on my nightstand, and “Odd Thomas” has been placed on the back of the toilet.  And no, that’s not a bad place to be…  🙂