Reading is like a drug….

You can rarely get enough of it..  It’s true, and this past two months (yikes!  it’s already been 2 months) have seen me devour a number of books, and wonder where I had the time stored to do this.  I was supposed to be teling you about them, and then I just got busy reading, programming and paying attention to the family.

Yes, paying attention to the family is important, and then we go to a bookstore together and the drug kicks back in and I want to buy more, and more and more….  yes, it’s almost a disease!

But I did read a number of interesting books, and got started on some in somewhat unusual ways.  As it turns out there’s more than one way to read a book, but you knew that already.  My new smartphone (Google Nexus One, for those who are interested.) has a “Kindle” app.  Yes, download books to your smartphone and read on the somewhat small screen.  Not that hard to do actually…

I was first introduced to kindle by my Brother in Law, who got himself a Kindle (the real thing, not an app) and showed it to me when we went down to DC for Thanksgiving.  I actually like the kindle, it’s a nice size and the text is easy to read with the colors used.  I thought to myself I may have to get myself one of those.  Then the week after we got back, I decided that it was time to upgrade our cell phones, only now they’re called mobile phones, or smartphones, right?  I guess a writer should pay attention to the language, no?  So because our service provider was launching a new network, we got the pick of the litter for free.  niiice….  🙂

So we both chose the Google Nexus One, and I played with just about every app I could think of that could be even remotely useful to me (or fun for that matter) and also found a great readers app.  No, not just the kindle app, which is great, but a wonderful little app that lets you keep track of your books.  The Book Catalogue is a handy app that will scan the barcodes of your books and create a nice little database of all the books in your collection.  I gave the phone to my daughter who started with the books hanging around my desk, and the number of books catalogued reached 50 very quickly.  Next are the bookshelves and there’s 4 of those, some shelved double depth.  Yeah, I’m a reading addict all right, or maybe a book addict.  But I read all the ones I have, and have read them more than once, uh, more than twice I’d say…  🙂

The handy bit about this app is that it goes with you, when you’re at the bookstore, and you see yet another novel by some prolific author (Hey, is that a new Stephen King Novel I spy!)  you can immediately see if it’s indeed already in your collection.  Will save me those awkward moments when I go back to the store and sheepishly admit I had already purchased that novel the other day, just didn’t get around to reading it yet…

So what have I been reading while I was away?  For starters I stumbled upon a couple more of those lovely Angie Sage Books.  I had read Magyk to the children a year or so ago, and fell in love with the characters.  They’re fun and well written.  So I read “Flyte” and “Physik”, because I have to catch up, there’s another 3 more I thinbk, and I’ve got other series to catch up on as well.  I picked up Stephen King’s “Full Dark, No Stars” which is a collection of 4 novellas, as well as some more Anne Rice novels “Queen of the Damned” and “The Tale of the Body Thief.”  Actually, I haven’t quite finished reading the last one yet.  More to the point, I haven’t finished “Queen of the Damned” yet.  I’ve got to try to keep my reading in order.

But I did finally finish readin the amazing french book “Le Premier Jour” which ended on the most ridiculous cliff hanger ever!  No, not funny ha-ha, but ridiculous in it’s one of those “Who shot J.R.” cliff hangers.  the book ends with our hero finding out that his love may not have died after all and heads off to parts unknown to try and find her!  Whether he does or not is unknown, I’ve yet to beg my sister in law to borrow the next book in the series (and I’m sure there’s a number of them, the way they’re well written and very well liked)

Course now I find myself in an awkward position, do I continue reading these borrowed books, or do I go out and buy them for myself?  They’re good, very good.  They’re so good in fact that I want them for myself.  But I’m like that with many books, and that’s why I have these rather overflowing bookshelves full of books, and I’m running out of room to keep them all.

Well, the books are amazing, and I’ll put in a few notes about all the ones I’ve read over the “holiday” and let you know just what I think of each one of them.  This probably means I”ll have to double post during the week, maybe a tuesday/thursday thing until I catch up.  Meanwhile, continue your own reading, I know, it’s an addiction, and even though we both know that, neither of us is going to tolerate an intervention.