Kindle tablet? Should I wait an extra month?

Kindle is apparently coming out with a tablet, something that will be able to challange, some say with success, the Apple iPad.  I’m not so sure, but I do know that the Kindle is the one to beat when it comes to e-readers, nothing else is quite as good or anywhere near as dominant in the field.

But I’ve been considering getting a kindle since last November, since I saw the nice one my brother in law has at Thanksgiving.  And the pages looked like pages.  It made it really easy for me to start my journey towards electronic reading.  And it was that, as well as the Kindle app on my phone that really got me interested in e-books in the first place.  To be anywhere in the world, and have a library of books to choose from.  With a Kindle 3G, I would have my very own bookstore in my hands, anywhere I roam, without having to pay roaming charges, or any charges for the 3G download service!  This is very convincing.  I am very convinced.  I will get a Kindle, but will it be an e-reader, or will it be a Kindle Tablet?  This, I’m not so sure about.

Reading on my cell phone does depend on the environment, too bright, and, like the iPad, it’s impossible to see the text, without a shroud covering you and your electronic device.  The Kindle dedicated e-reader, however, works just fine.  Point one for the Kindle e-reader.  Now, the new Kindle Tablet, will it have the same sort of visibility problems as the iPad?  Frankly we just don’t know.  For now, I can say that reading Kindle books on my phone is easier than reading Kobo books on my phone, as the kindle app has a nicer looking color palette, black on beige, kinda like a real book; kobo is black on white, and can be tiresome on the eyes.

So I read on my kindle app, more often than I would have first thought.  This past week I finished “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and I must say it was a compelling book, although in some sections, the language was a bit stilted, but that’s only because of the “growth” of the english language since it was written.  I enjoyed it, but again, was not surprised by the ending.  More and more, it becomes harder and harder for me to find any peice of litereature, or common trash novels, where the ending isn’t predictable.  Maybe it’s the large number of books I’ve already read, I don’t know.  I know they made a movie recently based on the book, and even though I never saw the movie, I could vividly picture all the characters, almost to their minutest details.  It was a good book, and one I encourage folks to go out and read, even if they get it for free like I did.

This week, I’ll be reading “The Invisible Man” from which numerous movies have been spawned, and sequels to these movies even.  I’m hoping I enjoy it as much as the other free reads I’ve downloaded, but we’ll see.  I’ll also be buying my first e-book, “UR” from Stephen King.

You may all know that I’m a rather large fan of Mr. King, currently have approx 90-95% of his books in Hardcover in my library, including a few select first run editions.  Although I cannot afford some of the more impressive editions that he has come out with in recent years, I’d love to get my hands on them.  One day, when my ship comes in. 🙂

I decided to purchase “UR” after actually finding a steal on Amazon for his next book coming out in November, “11/22/63.”  Most older folks will recognize the date that JKF was assassinated, while thost younger ones will have to look it up for themselves.  I’ve not even read the synopsis, cause I want to read it straight through.  I have tried hard not to read synopses of books when the author is someone I know and love.  That’s for “fishing” expeditions when I can’t find anything by an author I like, or I happen by the discount book table.  I bought (or pre-bought) “11/22/63” when I noticed that the pre-order price was 20$ less than the release price.

Where have I been all these years!  Had I known about these pre-order prices in the past, I’d have saved myself a small fortune!  Methinks I need to keep my eye on Amazon much more often.

Until next week, read on your easy chair, read on your boat, read anywhere, but just go! Read!