Reading is truly an addiction, and the biggest enabler is modern technology

You read it right, reading is an addiction, once you start, you can’t stop.  You crave the written word, and for the longest time, it meant getting out of the house and running down to the corner store at the least, to get the latest piece of fiction added to the wire rack, sandwiched somewhere between the candies and the magazines.  If there wasn’t a new book that piqued your interest, then there was always that amazing stand of magazines, and of course the daily paper.

But now you don’t even have to get out of bed!  You can turn over and grab your multi-function device and download something to read, or even just start surfing the net for the latest articles that suited you.  Amazon came out with their Kindle reader, Apple has it’s ipad, and others have followed in their footsteps to create a market where you can buy any book, magazine or newspaper you want to read at the touch of your fingers.  And sometimes it’s even cheaper than it was at the corner store!

I’ve had my Kindle now for just over a year, and I’ve read the heck out of it, it’s got dings and scratches from being with me just about everywhere.  And if my Kindle wasn’t handy, I had the Kindle App on my smartphone to fill in the gaps.  It’s only a true junkie that realizes that this is still not enough, it’s not just Amazon that offers books online, Kobo does too, so does Google and a plethora of others.  Many books are public domain and available online to download to your favorite e-reader, or to read on your laptop/desktop or tablet!

Kindle has their reader app, Kobo does too, so does Nook Google and just about everyone else.  And to help the reader junkie, there are websites that enable your mad passion for reading.  These websites get you great offers on e-books for almost any platform, and even offer you freebies!  My two current enablers are and

Pixel of Ink( offers you at least 2 free ebooks per day, as well as great deals and outstanding offers on current ebooks available from  If you have a kindle registered to a different location, it suffices to search for the title of interest you want at your local amazon ( for me) and 9 out of 10 times it is also available for free for you too!

BookBub( places you on a mailing list, where you can customize the types of books you like to read, and they will send you the latest best offers and free books that suit your tastes.  Bookbub, however, doesn’t just stick with great offers and freebies from Amazon, they also include the same from Kobo, Google, Nook, and others as well.  You select the retailers and categories in your profile.

I’ve managed to fill up my kindle and have gone a good distance filling up my kobo app as well.  Being a voracious reader, and open to just about any type of material, I’ve got more books now than I could ever read, and I’m still getting more!

I can’t stop reading, and I’ll clue you in on some of the great freebies I’ve gotten over the next few weeks, as I pore through them all.  The only downside to these free books, is they may get you hooked on an author you didn’t know about, and that’s when you start buying the rest of his library.  But books are worth every cent, are they not?