Thy Kindom Fall

So I finally finished reading this book by Austin Dragon, and a few pieces of information have trickled through to my brain and it’s definitely not a bash piece, nor it is a tip of the hat to Trek or Shatner, it’s really does stand well on it’s own and proves to be quite compelling.  It really makes you want to think about what we’re doing now, and where we’re heading, by taking a pretty hard look at our reliance on technology, and how we view others of different faiths.

There are three main groups in this book the Americans, the Caliphate (Muslim extreme) and the CHIN’s (China India and such), with a few other smaller powers, such as Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa and the Russian Bloc.  But the superpowers are the big three and they’ve become that way because of what may happen in the future.  It’s possible that Muslim extremists manage to take over a good portion of the world, and it’s possible that  China allies with the India to form a super block, to become the big three, and it’s possible that a whole lot of other things happen.

The book concentrates on how we view religion, and it seems like the author may be a good christian (I’m not very good, I’ll admit) who is seeing how the world can be changed by our attitudes towards religion in general.  In this future America, there are the “Pagans” and the “Jew-Christians” who can be considered the non-believers and the believers.  I think the author lumps the Jewish and Christian folk together just to make things a little bit easier to write, but it does work well enough.  The book shows some of the worst aspects of technology, and I almost felt guilty reading it on my tablet, rather than in paper form!  It shows how people can be dependent on those technological gadgets that we carry around with us every day.  Already in current times, there have been incidents where distraction caused by “tek” has caused harm and even death to people who have been texting or reading while using their devices.

But this story goes so much further, it really shows how things can grow and how we can be pulled along without even realizing it.  I can honestly see these books being a first step towards the classic Blade Runner story by Philip K. Dick (Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?).  It’s a good book, I hope the sequel, coming out soon, will be equally as thought provoking.