You know nothing Ray Dube

I finally got my hands on the latest “a Song of Ice and Fire” novels by George R.R. Martin, and needless to say, I was not disappointed.  This epic tale of life and war in the 7 kingdoms and beyond turned another corner, and did unspeakable things to the readers.  Yes, things happened that I didn’t want to have happen, and things happened that I was glad to see happen.  With a penchant for killing off key players, it comes as no surprise that someone you may have been rooting for gets his head removed, poor Ned Stark was the first to be offed by Martin, but he was far from the last.

Those who have been reading the books are not surprised when these events happen on the television series by HBO, but those only watching the show are quite amusing to watch as things go south for their favorite characters.  Truth be told, I’m much better braced for this inevitable fact than some of those around me.  Sadly, another one of my favorites met with their end…  Or maybe not, George Martin has a way of fooling you at times with what might or might not happen, it happened to me at least once over the span of 5 novels, so I’ll hold on to a slim thread of hope.

I’m one of those who tends to accumulate a series, and tries to keep the books in a similar familiar format, in this case, I originally purchased the 4 book collection in paperback, and waited patiently for the 5th to come out in paperback as well.  In doing so, I found myself at times removing myself from conversations that discussed the latest hardback release of the book.  Not a horrible thing, but I’ve also come to realize the paperback versions of the books are too damned big!  They are epic novels of a thousand pages that cover a whole heckuva lot of ground.  But they’re hard to hold in hand without breaking the spine, something I abhor.  So I’m thinking of ridding myself of these paperbacks and moving to something a little easier to read.  Hardback is an option, and they generally last longer anyway, but when it comes to massive novels, I’ve started to lean towards electronic copies.  And a great thing about electronic copies is that you don’t even have to go to the store to get them! 🙂

But back to the book, it was fantastic, it pulled me in so deep once again, and revived one character I was sure was dead, and killed one character I was sure was going to last it out to the end.  But again, what once was dead, may prove to be more robust than one thought.  In the case of those north of the wall, the coming back can prove to be much more devastating than anything else.

There’s a lot left to happen, though, and you see that by the end of the book and the interesting way Martin leaves clues as to what may happen next.  There are still a few characters from earlier that haven’t been heard from for a while, and I’m sure they’ll be making a big comeback in the Winds of Winter, due out, well, who knows when.  I’ll be waiting, after all, Winter is Coming.