A gap in time

When reading books, there is often a space of time where you find yourself other than when you started, that is, you’ve escaped to a different world or realm, when reading “Awakened” by Jason Tesar, you not only find yourself in a different world, but in 2 different worlds!

Awakened is the tale of a chosen one who can bridge the worlds and perhaps bring them back together, or at least prevent the bad guys from making too much of a mess. Awakened is a series of books, and the latest one, “Hidden From Men” finally reunites father in son in a strange land. Well, strange to them anyway, for you and I, it’s home.

I downloaded the first book in the series in April of 2012, and have been keeping an eye out for each sequel. I’m one of those buy a bunch, read a bunch type of readers, and if something is particularly good, I’ll try to get a few similar stories all together. For instance, I waited a bit before picking up #4 & 5 of this series so the pleasure of reading them would last just a little bit longer. They definitely are “series” books, and can be a little difficult to read from the middle. Although I do have ot say that the fourth book, “Seeds of Corruption” seems to be able to do a pretty good job of standing on it’s own.

It was book 5, “Hidden from Men” that started giving a synopsis of the previous books, which makes it easier to get into the story. I heartily recommend the series, and you can still get the first one “Awakened His Eyes” for free. But trust me, when you start, you won’t be able to stop. A fair bit of mysticism, some spy action, and a fair bit of adventure awaits. It’s funny, the books seem to have evolved from primitive to modern, but that’s mostly because the worlds are not all equal. Our world is far more advanced that Kael’s world,and who know’s what advancements may be present elsewhere?

The books talk of the Earth being split between 3 worlds, with there being an elevated plane as well. The story starts on a world that might be best described as stuck in the middle ages with fortified cities and towns, although there are some areas that are more advanced thanks to a controlling power, one of 9 beings who sought to create worlds for themselves to rule as gods. Seeing a that went wrong, and only 3 worlds were created, there is some amount of conflict, and it is up to the Awakened to put things right. Whether he will eventually “merge” the three worlds, we don’t know yet, but I’ve a feeling that won’t happen, but perhaps we’ll get a chance to visit between worlds on our summer vacations.

So far we’ve seen the world of Kael, and our present day earth, but we’ve not yet traveled to the third world, so perhaps that’s still to come. Or perhaps that world will remain sealed off for all eternity. There’s really only one way to find out, keep reading.