Good and Free?

Remember when I said that you can get free books from Amazon through Bookbub or Pixel of Ink? Remember when I said that you could get good books even? I wasn’t lying, I’m superbly impressed by the fantasy novel “The White Tree” by Edward W. Robertson!

“The White Tree” is the first novel in a trilogy called “The Cycle of Arawn” and is about a youth who sees a miracle that changes his life path. Upon seeing a priest revive a dead dog, he becomes fascinated by the how, and moves to learn all he can about the “nether.” But this is only a small part of the story, as Dante soon learns, the priests and members of the “cult of Arawn” have been banned and have had their temples burned our and members killed in at least three scourings.

One of the gods betrayed another, and it is this betrayed god that has been banned from the physical realm, but with Dante’s help, Arawn may yet regain their place.

The first book focuses on Dante and his attempt to learn all he can about the Cycle of Arawn and how he can manipulate the mystical “nether”. It’s a classic fantasy tale about how one person can learn to be more than they once were, find friends along way they can depend on, and find a way to rise against overwhelming odds.

Dante starts by finding more about how this priest was able to use a nebulous black nether to revive that poor dog, and stumbles upon an abandoned temple guarded by more than one swordsman. Being able to defeat that guardsman and find his way into a vault which contains the Cycle of Arawn. Stealing this precious artifact, he learns all he can, but as he’s hunted down, he finds a protector in a similarly aged swordsman named Blays, and it is their attempt to protect the book, and each other that is the focus of the story. The other major story is of a priestess who wants to restore Arawn at any cost, and another who opposes her rush to get his done, believing a more subtle approach is necessary. In the end Dante and Blays are recruited to help, and at the end, when things seem that they may go one way, they go another, to a satisfying conclusion.

The second book is called “The Great Rift” which initially starts with a bit of political intrigue, as one group tries to help another achieve independence from the regional governor/king. I’ve only gotten a little way into the story, so I”ll write more as we go along. The second book is not a free book, but it is definitely worth the 5$ or so I paid for it. As I’m sure will be the third and final book of the trilogy.

And a reminder, for free books for your kindle or other electronic device, take a look at Pixel of Ink, or BookBub. As always Amazon has a top 100 list you can find Here and a top 100 free list here.