A little bit of love, and a little bit out there.

I just finished reading Swan Loch, a novel written by Randy Mixter, and I can honestly say this was one of the most pleasant read I’ve had in a while, and though I may be crucified for it, it actually called to mind some of my favorite authors works, Stephen King.  I’m sure this is one of many that I will read by this author, and I can only hope that all those that follow will be as entertaining and easy to identify with.

One of those love stories gone wrong, where the bad guy gets his mits in and causes the whole world to go spinning away.  Even the threat of losing someone you love can cause people to do strange and careless things, but when it actually happens, it’s amazing to see what you can find yourself doing.  Going beyond what you ever believed possible, and taking yourself to places beyond your own belief.

This was a story that was just plain good, every character felt real and the story felt like one that you could have heard from your buddy at the pub, or when out with the gang at the lake.

I’ve always liked good stories, and I’ll always enjoy reading.  Some days I’ll find myself looking out above the pages and wondering how this came to be, who could imagine such things and explain them to me so beautifully?  It boggles the mind, and though I try to  imitate the greats, I think I may still have a way to go.

In other news, Stephen King has gone and turned another one of his stories into a major event.  Under The Dome is now a miniseries that started on CBS last night, and it seems like it will be very close to the actual book.  Stephen King recently decided to become more involved with the movies/series based on his books, and his last few projects have been very sympathetic to the original written work.  I’ve go high hopes for Under The Dome.  I admit, I’m not watching it yet, I’m going to do the marathon viewing session after it’s all over, and yeah, it’s not reading, but I’ll still let you know.

Have a good read folks, talk to you as soon as I finish “Chasing Vegas” which is the first book I’ve had the pleasure of reading in the first person, for multiple characters.  I think it may be a bit of a novelty for me, and it’s really turning into a good read, so I’ll keep on reading.

I’ll be away for a week on vacation, chances are I’ll read a book or three while I’m away, so next time may be a bit long.

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