Those who know me, know me well, those who don’t…

I read a lot…  I read just about anything I can get my hands on.  From the Readers Digest that gets delivered to the door, to those small treasures found at the local send hand shop.  I am a constant visitor to Indigo Books near home, and will find something to read just about anywhere I happen to be.

My family supports me in this habit, or perhaps it’s I who have indoctrinated them into my “cult of reading.”  In any case, it’s a family affair.  Everyone in the house reads at least 15-30 minutes a day.  Each of my children have already surpassed their reading levels, and each have proven to be quite worthy story tellers in their own right.  Some of those may happen along here over time.

I’m Ray Dube, I work at home doing web-development, selling Leatherman Tools and mostly just helping folks out with whatever is ailing on their website.  Have I got time to waste reading, probably not, but I do anyway.

I have a couple of preferred reading locations, one is in bed at night, and the other is the bathroom.  Peace and quiet comes to me when in bed and the house is asleep, or if I’m hiding in the bathroom while the rest of the house is going crazy.

How do the two locations differ?  Typically Bathrooms are for Readers Digest and assorted magazines.  It’s also the place for paperbacks and pulp fiction.  The night stand is for “real” books and heavier reading, when it’s quiet and I have no distractions.  It’s there that I have the books I”m more careful with.

That’s not to say that the two locations don’t switch from time to time, it all depends on my mood.

Other locations, my chairs, where I can sit back and relax with one of many novels to pass the time on a Sunday afternoon, or perhaps weekday evening.  Family usually will leave me alone when I”m in my chair, so I can usually get a good amount of reading done.

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