Accidental Gods – Andrew Busey

Yes, Accidental, it’s always that way, isn’t it, you suddenly become an omnipotent being and you have control over life and death, and it’s always an accident that makes it happen, right?  Well, in this case, it’s the inadvertent result of an experiment that went far better than the experimenters ever hoped.  Sort of.

In this novel, the scientists from Texas University decide that it’s about time to see if they can properly model the universe, and perhaps recreate in in a simulation.  Doing this is not necessarily a bad thing, but who knows what could come of it, what information about the origin of the species, the origin of galaxies and solar systems, perhaps even the origin of the origin itself.

Andrew Busey writes a novel that brings us a different view of the universe, and how it might have come about.  I know the old “Science experiment” view of the beginning of life as we know it is a fairly popular idea among many, it’s always been one of my favorites.  Imagine if you would, a select group of scientists decide that they might just be able to re-create the universe, albeit, in a simulation, just what do you think would happen?  What could we possibly learn?

It turns our we could learn an awful lot, like it just may be that our own universe is a simulation/creation too.  It’s a very good story, and shows you just what sort of impact having absolute power could possibly have on a regular everyday person, suddenly those life and death decisions become very personal, and change the way you think about your creations, and yourself, and may cost you your very soul.

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