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Yes, I read the news, and it’s great to see that there still exists in Montreal a quality english language daily.  The Montreal Star folded some years ago, and the Daily News was pushed aside, but at least the Montreal Gazette still manages to do some quality reporting, which some had probably feared would decline over time.  The past few months have seen the Gazette, and the french La Presse come out with some very informative pieces on our recently crumbling infrastructure, things just seem to be falling down around us, literally in some cases.

I honestly don’t believe government would be taking the actions they are now, if it weren’t for these two papers and the pressure they’ve been helping us apply.  True, television has got some of it, but it’s more flash than substance in many cases.  The Gazette also entertains though, I do enjoy my weekend funnies, even if they’ve moved them around a bit this last weekend.  But it’s still the front section that get’s turned page by page, and read most thoroughly.

I have to admit though, I do get a lot of news information online, heck, as an internet junkie, it wouldn’t be honest to say I didn’t.  Google news feeds through igoogle let’s me customize what I want to read, and what info I’m most interested in.

But for entertainment, I read books, and not just books, the occasional magazine, and I’m a regular subscriber to Readers Digest, and have enjoyed the articles, and the occasional funny from those folks as well.

As you may remember I also mentioned e-reading.  Now I don’t own a Kindle yet, and recent reports are leading me to believe that the wait for a Kindle Tablet may not be such a good idea, but I do have a kindle app on my smartphone, and I do read a good number of e-books, mostly free, but I did recently purchase a novel from Stephen King, “UR.”

Now why did I go and purchase an e-book without having a dedicated e-reader?  Well, to tell the truth, I’m a big Stephen King fan, and this book was an e-reader special, written specially for the Kindle, about a Kindle.  I’m relatively convinced it would have been better, and eerier, had I read it on an actual Kindle, but it was still a very good read, standard King fare, and definitely enjoyable.  Before the “low people” made their appearance, it became pretty obvious during the book they and their “living” vehicles would arrive soon enough.  I was glad to hear from them, and think King would do well writting a few more books about the different levels of that lovely Dark Tower.

I also finished reading The Invisible Man this week, and it ended pretty much as I had thought it would, but I couldn’t stop comparing it to the movie I watched a few years ago with Chevy Chase called “Memoirs of an Invisible Man” both invisibles are chased by the police, but the endings are quite different, with Chevy Chase’s movie ending with a happy marriage and children, and HG Wells Character not fairing nearly as well.

While doing some research, I stumbled on a novel with the same name as the Chevy Chase movie, as I understand they are not the same stories, I’m sorely tempted to find my way into reading that one.  If only there was a kindle version I could get, alas, I’m out of luck.

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