Better late than never, right?

Ok, it’s August, and I’ve not posted anything since, what January?  I’m not evil, just easily distracted.

I have been reading, as a matter of fact, I’ve been reading a lot, and in more forms than before.  Yeah, I have books, and kindle on the Nexus One, but I’ve also got the lovely internet and Magazines and the newspaper.  Yeah, I”m back to actually reading the daily news on black and white paper that smudges all over your fingers.  Shouldn’t they have fixed that by now?

Books, both e and not, have been read by the bucket load, I’ll list a few and see if you’ve even heard of them.  Should I separate the books by type?  Ah whatever.

I re-read the Baseball story “Ballpark Blues,” that C.W. Tooke wrote, and was disappointed that he didn’t write anything else.  I did a quick search for him online and apparently he’s a journalist who only wrote the one novel.  I’m hoping he still has some more words to write, because I found the novel quite entertaining.  I’ve read it twice, and that’s always a good thing…  But then again, I read a lot of books twice.

There was also a number of books found on the discount table at Indigo that I particularly enjoyed.  I try to look there for books to try that I might not want to take a chance on spending 10-15$ on normally.  Getting 3 books for 10$ can’t be a bad idea, and the books purchased lately were “Devil’s In Exile” by Chuck Hogan, as well as a William Shatner penned novel about Kirk and Spock in their early days called “Star Trek Academy : Collision Course.”  The Shatner novel may have been actually penned by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, they’re credited as “Collaborators”.

Other books found and read over the past few months include a few classics that were free downloads on the Kindle App on my cellphone, including “Treasure Island,” “The Island of Doctor Moreau,” “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and most recently, “The Scarlet Letter.”  All of these stories are good, but take a bit of getting used to if you’ve been reading contemporary fiction.  The language has either evolved, or devolved, since they’ve been written.  I’ve also got a Kobo App, cause I want all the free books I can get my hands on, and have downloaded and read, including some Star Wars novellas which I found to be very good reads!

One thing I found by accident was a science fiction piece called “His Robot Girlfriend.”  I was surprised to find out later that it was considered an “Adult” read, but even if it does have a few suggestive passages, it’s still a pretty good find for a free book.  And it got me interested in other works that may have been written by this author, Wesley Allison.  I now have to see if I can find other works, and make sure I don’t get surprised by something a little more adult in nature.

Finally, my guilty pleasure read of the past month has been “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Girl who Played with Fire,” both by Stieg Larsson.  I’ve not yet read the third part of the Millennium Trilogy, “The Girl who Kicked a Hornets Nest” but plan on doing so just as soon as the paperback version is released.  Yes, I know some of you have suggested that I should just go out and buy the hardcover version, but I”ll wait, keep the set all looking similar.  🙂

These are fantastic books!  I loved reading them, and had a few sleepless nights trying to put the books down.  They were my favorite reads of the summer, and it looks like I may be reading them again while waiting for the next one to come out.  The other bit of news/rumour I heard recently was that a fourth novel would be coming out, being finished by the late authors girlfriend.  I’ll keep an ear to the ground to find out more about that one.

On a final note, I’d love to hear something from someone on whether to keep the apps on the phone, or to go get a proper e-reader, and if I get an e-reader, which one?  The three contenders, as far as I’m concerned, are Kindle, Nook and Kobo.  Next week will see me get into a little more detail about the Millennium novels, and maybe have a new kindle find to report on.

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