Carrie’s response to Bullying

It’s difficult to watch on television the numerous commercials for the upcoming movie or re-make of Stephen King’s Carrie.  Being old enough to have seen the original movie, and having read the book more than once, I’m truly looking forward to seeing how they bring this movie back to life for the new millennium.  But it’s always a good to start with the source, the book, published in 1974, was Stephen King’s first published novel, and set him apart as an author to be reckoned with.

Carrie is a book written in multiple voices, including that of reports on the “White Affair.”  It’s treated as an academic inquiry, as well as first person reports on what happend to and because of Carrietta White.

Raised by religious fanatic mother,and treated with disdain by her fellows, Carrie could be placed in any school today and be treated in exactly the same way.  Bullies are present in every day life, and responses to bullying include actions similar in spirit, if not in extent to those taken by Carrie.

Just recently, there was a school shooting in the US, where a bullied student took a gun into the school and shot a teacher and attempted to shoot other students.  The final outcome was withheld for a while, but it turns out that the student turned the gun on himself at the end.

In cases across North America, bullied children, tweens, teens and adults are taking actions similar to those taken by Carrie White.  Attacking bullies, and eventually taking their own lives.  This story reverberates, and with the articles written about it (within the story itself), it’s treated much the same way as is by the media in modern times.

Bullying hasn’t changed over the years, but the response has, it’s far easier now to use weapons to attack others, and yourself, than it was in the past, in the case of Carrie, she was her own weapon and she acted out much in the same way as a bullied teen might today.

Hopefully the lesson is learned, as it was learned by Sue Snell in the story, and people realize the impact of their actions, and parents see the actions their children are taking, and move to help, both the parents of the bullied and bullies. The children are our responsibility, and teaching them how to behave, act and care for each other is our duty.  It’s also our duty to see that they don’t have access to those tools that cause harm.

One thought on “Carrie’s response to Bullying

  1. I so love that you took the time to write this Ray!
    As a child of the 80’s who was bullied to such an extreme that I too wanted to end my own life, I sit back and hear/see all these stories of these children and it breaks my heart.
    It saddens me to know these kids feel like there is no help for them. We as adults need to make sure these children know there is help and they do not need to resort to violence or suicide to make it stop.
    I have hope that if more people pull together these deaths can be prevented.
    Love you Ray!

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