Le First day

Ah, there’s something about reading that just makes it all worthwhile.  Everytime I open up a book, even it it’s one I’ve opened up before, I find something that tickles my funnybone, and makes my life just that much more enjoyable.

Take “Le Premier Jour” for example.  This past few weeks I’ve been reading it and enjoying it very much, so much so that I’m getting to the stage where I just don’t want to put it down!  That’s always a problem, cause once in a while you have to sleep, even if you *need* to get to the end and find out how it all turns out.  Some of you flip to the last page and spoil it, but I just can’t make myself do that.

And of course, along the way, there are little gems to be discovered.  And boy did I find one this week!

It’s a wonderful part of the book that tackles head on a controversial issue of the day, and does so with a lightness that makes it funny and sweet.  Adrien goes home to visit his mother, and while there she notices a necklace that he has with him in his luggage.  She asks when he got it and he tells her “a friend” left it at his apartment.  She smiles knowingly and proceeds to leave him alone.  That’s where things start to go a little sideways…

Not a lot sideways though, just a little bit.  While on his visit to his mothers for a few weeks, he’s visited by his colleague from work, Walter, and though Walter knows which island Adrien is staying, he doesn’t know exactly where, so proceeds to make himself known, and that he’s looking for Adrien.

Mom assumes that this is “a friend” of Adrien’s, and starts playing cupid.  Yup, mom thinks Adrien is in a same-sex relationship, and rather than get all worked up over it, and upset and calling the local priest to “drive out the demons,” she accepts it, and tried to make it into a stronger relationship…

But she does so very delicately, without being obvious in the least.  The problem is, there is no such relationship, and Adrien is completely in the dark as to her machinations.

It’s warmly written, both mom and aunt Elana try their best to stoke the coals of this relationship, delicately here and there trying to be a good mother and make their lives happy.

I like this for 2 reasons, one, it’s absolutely perfectly written.  The timing, the dialogue, the settings the descriptions, everything fits perfectly to give you a real sense of how Adrien’s mom feels and how much she really wants to help her son with his relationship.  This really makes you feel almost part of the family even, the way it’s written.

The other reason is it does exactly what Adrien’s mom does, it makes no big deal of a same-sex relationship.  For me, this makes perfect sense, frankly I’ve never really understood those who saw reason to get upset, or cause a ruckus just because someone is in such a relationship.  I’m not so “small-sighted” to not see that the world is a huge place, and all sorts of different people populate it.  We firstly don’t all look alike, and we secondly don’t all act alike.  And heaven help us if we did!  This entire passage sums up my whole view on this topic, let it be, encourage love wherever you find it, and live your life.  At the same time, let those who want to live theirs, live them.  It’s incredible that we as a people feel we should change everyone else to our point of view, and to live the way we live. Let it alone, you’ll be surprised at how pleasant live can be when you do.


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