Preconceived Notions…

This has been bothering me over the past few days, as I’ve been reading the novel by Marc Levy.  It’s been bothering me because at some point last week I decided that the book was a book, within a book, and I can’t seem to get that out of my head.  Now reading anything with some sort of preconceived notion will influence what you read, how you think about what you read, and even the emphasis different words play in the writing.

So what have I based my notion on?  Well,the book is written in two styles, one portion of the book, Adrien, the male lead, writes in the first person of his experiences first in the mountains of Chile, and then when he returns to London after suffering from lack of oxygen and almost bleeding to death on top the mountains.  The second portion of the book is about Keira, the female lead, which is written in the second person, someone looking over her shoulder perhaps, telling us readers what has been happening to her since her return to Paris from Africa after a sandstorm destroys her archaeological dig.

So the two styles of writing tend to favor this notion of mine, and even more so, Adrien is developing a proposal to a group of investors to the college he works with regards to his theory of life on a distant planet similar to ours, which will tell him more about the beginning of life on earth.  His proposal is being put together with help from a colleague who finds it boring, but over time he improves it and perhaps it’s that story about Keira, who’s searching for the beginnings of life on earth directly, which makes up his proposal.

Crazy eh?  I think so as well, but darn it if I can’t get it out of my head.  I’ve almost asked my sister in law, who’s book this is, if this is possible, but then that would ruin it for me if I happen to be correct, and even if I happen to be completely wrong.  Probably the biggest problem is the way I tend to be able to see the end of a popular story long before it’s completed, something I find disturbing when reading, or even watching television.  What got me interested in different authors in the first place was to see if I could find one that surprises me in the end.

To that end, Koontz almost did with Odd Thomas, which I did manage to finish reading last week.  But alas, even Koontz fell short.

That’s all I’ve got to read this week “Le Premier Jour” should you have any suggestions for my next read, please pass them along, I”m always interested in a good read, if not, I’ll re-read one of the hundred or so books in my library!

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