The Amun Chamber

I finished reading “The Amun Chamber” by Daniel Leston.  It was a fairly good book, but didn’t always hold my attention.  But it did call to mind the Indiana Jones movies that I saw years earlier. 🙂

How much does this book “borrow” from the Indy movies and lore, well, the main character is a former professor/archaeologist, and he finds a young lady whom he befriends and who helps him on his way.  She naturally has an estranged relative who had something of importance to help him on the quest to find the hidden relic.

Now be that as it may, the story was still well written, and was fun to read, and I’m sure many will find the book to be one of the first to be bought by the same author.  I cannot say that this will be the case for me, it just felt too much the same as another’s work, and that never really excites me when I’m reading.  So maybe I’ll give Daniel Leston another go, but then again, maybe not.

The new book I’ve started reading is “Thy Kingdom Fall” which is the first book in the After Eden Series, it’s interesting, but confusing at times as well, and sadly the e-book formatting is a little off, every once in a while in the middle of the text, the author’s name shows up, like they incorrectly formatted an forgot to remove his name from the bottom of some pages, and that got it rolled in between some paragraphs.  The author is Austin Dragon, and he’s a good writer.  It’s started off with some chapter titles that made me thing this would be a tip of the hat to either Star Trek, or William Shatner, with chapter 1 being “Wolf 359” a star group that played a part in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and chapter 2 was called “Tek World” which was part of a series of books by William Shatner (“Tek War”, “Tek Lord” and “Tek Vengeance” to name but a few.)  But when reading the chapters, you soon realize that is it not quite that type of science fiction.  It takes place many years in the future (well, about 50) and plays heavy on the threat of Muslim Radicals and the changing of the world as a result of that.  It shows one way of dealing with what happens if Muslim Radicals manage to become a superpower.

I’m not finished the book yet, but it does paint some interesting pictures.  It’s a little hard to swallow at some points, especially the way it treats all Muslims as radicals, and then also tries to group Jewish and Christians together as something to be controlled and kept separate from the rest of the population.  It seems to be about what is possible in a non-secular future, where “Pagans,” or non-religious, are in control, and the US Constitution is changed for something that alters and “streamlines” the amendments made to it.

I’m still not sure where it’s going, but the ride so far has been entertaining, and at times enlightening.  The ideas may not be popular, but they are definitely interesting to read about.  I can personally say that I’m not a fan of some of them,but they do make for interesting fiction.

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