The Invisible Man

I just thought of something funny while typing that subject, I could have put “The Invisible Post” and added a whole lot of whitespace, but something tells me not many would have understood, nor appreciated my keen sense of humour…  (yeah, with a u, I’m canadian, so sue me! 😛 )

Now I’ve begun reading The Invisible Man, mostly based on the fact that I could read it for free with my kindle app, but also because I’ve always been curious of the origin of the story after having seen one or two movies on the subject.  And you’ve got to admit, Harry Potter has added a bit of lore the the idea of invisibility lately as well.

The movies invariable start with the making of the invisible man, that is, it starts with a visible man, with house home and family, then goes through becoming invisible, and either ending up with a newly visible man, or happy man in his invisibility.  The book starts with the invisible man, trying to pass himself off as any other man trudging along his daily life, only he’s trying to get his life back, without having to reveal his “transparent” secret.

Which makes things interesting, folks start to assume that the dark shrouded figure must have experience some horrible accident, which of course he has, and people start by feeling sad and sorry for what they assume is a horribly disfigured man underneath the bandages hiding his invisibility.

Somehow, I thing starting the movies off on the same foot would have made for a more enjoyable flick, but that’s just me.  The book is extremely well written, but then again I may be biased as I’m having such fun reading it.  Also, H.G. Wells is no schlep when it comes to literary works.

I have to admit, I”m only 1/2 way through the book,but so far, I’m thoroughly enjoying the reading of it.

Other things to read, the newspaper, been spending a good deal of time, all summer in fact, trying to find out about the state of our roads, and the intrepid reporters of The Montreal Gazette and La Presse have done a good job keeping their readers informed of the things the government hasn’t exactly been keeping us informed of…  I have not but praise for both papers, whose persistence has allowed us all to know a little bit more than we may have wanted to know, but at the same time, we have a better feel,and can apply more pressure, about our roads and city infrastructure.  Reading is good, and we can take pleasure in informative news articles as well as popular fiction.

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